​SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S Gas Pressure Washer Review

SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S Gas Pressure Washer

​There are numerous things that you own that could probably use a thorough cleaning, even if you are always scrubbing down the deck and spraying chemicals on the side of your home. The truth is, all of the cleaners and scrub brushes cannot do what a pressure washer can, especially one like a gas powered SIMPSON. To learn more and see what it can do for your home’s exterior, read on for our full SIMPSON Cleaning Pressure Washer review.

Customer Ratings:

​Features of the SIMPSON Cleaning Machine

​This SIMPSON cleaner is designed to simply get the job done. It uses very little water at only 2.5 GPM, but still, puts out 3100 PSI. This is due to its HONDA engine and the fact that it is gasoline powered. It also uses a maintenance free OEM technologies Axial Cam Pump that has POWERBOOST. In short, every aspect of this machine is built to perform very well.

​It has a 25-1/4-inch-long high-pressure hose that is kink and abrasion resistant. It is flexible and durable no matter what you are doing or how much you put it to use. The hose is equipped with M22 quick connectors to ensure they are snug.

​You can also expect for this pressure washer to move around easily. The frame is made of heavy gauge components and everything is welded together. It has two 10-inch premium pneumatic tires that are large enough to roll over any type of terrain.

​This pressure washer comes with a pro-style spray wand and five quick-connect nozzle tips. This gives you the zero tip, a 15-degree tip, a 25-degree tip, and a 40-degree tip, as well as a soaping tip. It is a professional quality pressure washer in every way, including the safety lockout. There is also a very convenient storage area build into it. It can hold everything including the M22 connect spray wand, hose, and nozzles.

​Detergent is also usable with this machine. It has a downstream detergent injection system on it so that using detergent is easy.

​This machine is a little heavy. It weighs in at 65-pounds. However, this is not unmanageable with the size of the tires. It is also a large pressure washer. It measures in at 34.8 x 21 x 23.2 inches overall.

  ​Buyer’s Feedback on the SIMPSON Pressure Washer

​This pressure washer has a lot of features that people love. That is why it has an overall rating of 4.4-stars. Most owners say that it meets or exceeds all of their expectations. They say that the Honda motor starts up easily, usually with only one pull. They say that it takes dirt off of virtually anything and that it does so quickly. There are a few people who say that it makes quick work of old paint that you may want to be removed. Some owners say that if you have a full tank of gas, it will run approximately three hours without running out and this is a testament to its efficiency. As a bonus, the single pull start does not take a lot of effort. It is easy to crank and there are some people who say that it has more power than any other type of pressure washer that they have ever used.

​As with all products on the market, not everyone can say that this is ideal. There are some minor complaints about the SIMPSON, but most are personal preference related. For instance, some say that the hose rack could use improvements. They feel that it is a little too flimsy for their needs. There are also a few people that would prefer that it go idle when you release the trigger. The biggest issue that people seem to mention in regards to this pressure washer is that it arrived without all of the parts that it needed. Someone states that they purchased it and it was shipped without a hose and another said that it was missing bolts. Even though this is not a major issue for most people, the fact that there are several who mention missing parts is noteworthy. However, with it being said that there are sometimes missing parts; it is also important to point out that if you contact customer support about missing parts, they do seem to replace the parts free of charge.

  ​Our Opinion of the SIMPSON Gas Powered Pressure Washer

​One thing about the SIMPSON brand is that every unit is tested before it is shipped out to a potential buyer. That is why you should not be surprised if you notice a tiny bit of oil leakage upon receiving your new pressure washer. The motor is tested thoroughly and if it is defective, you will never receive it. The downside to this fact is that there are sometimes missing parts with some machines. This is an oversight that should not happen and apparently is rare. We do not feel that just because you consider this pressure washer you are going to be doomed to missing parts. We like that it is gas powered and that it does start up easily, even when you first take it out of the box. We feel that if you can start it with one tug on the pull rope, and you do not have to pull it hard, it is usable by anyone. The fact that it is gas powered means you are free to take it with you anywhere you need to go without worry about a power supply being close by. This also makes it safer to use. In general, we do feel that this machine, if you take the time to maintain it properly, is going to be worth considering for anyone that wants a durable pressure washer. It is also a good choice for anyone that needs a powerful, deep cleaning on their home, patio, fence, and more. It has enough power to get the job done and will do it faster than you may expect. We are always a fan of getting the job done quickly.


  • All Pressure Washers are Tested Thoroughly When Manufactured
  • Easy to Crank
  • Minimal Assembly
  • Powerful Sprayer
  • Gasoline Powered
  • No Cords to Tie You Down
  • Accessories Store On-Board
  • Powered with a Honda Motor
  • Accessories Included with Purchase


  • Require Some Level of Maintenance
  • Hose Holder Isn’t Perfect for Everyone
  • No Auto Idle on Trigger Release
  • Missing Parts Happen Occasionally