​Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe Review

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe

​It is pretty much a given that anything can and will get dirty. However, it becomes a problem when it is your home, your vehicle, your boat, RV, or any other large item. This is because those dirty areas can make your home look rundown, but most of the time cleaning may not be high on your “to-do” list. That is; unless you decide you have had enough dirt and grime. At that time, you may want to consider a pressure washer such as the Pressure Joe. To see why it may be the best thing ever, check out our full Sun Joe Pressure Joe review below.

Customer Ratings:

​Features of the Sun Joe Pressure Joe

​The Pressure Joe makes use of five quick-connect spray tips. Their sizes include the zero-degree tip, the 15-degree tip, a 25-degree tip, and a 40-degree tip, as well as a soap tip for you to use. All of these tip sizes give you the ability to tackle light to heavy duty cleaning chores.

​To further enhance your cleaning experience, you will also receive a soap tank to hold your detergent. With your purchase, you get dual tanks so that you will not have to empty one type of detergent to be able to use another. This makes it ideal for all day cleaning and switching easily from one task to another. Each tank is able to hold 0.9L of detergent so you also do not have to worry about constant refills.

​This powerful washer is rated at 2030 PSI thanks to a 14.5-amp/1800-watt motor. However, it does not use a lot of water at only 1.76 GPM. This means you do not have to worry about running up your water bill because you have a lot of cleaning you want to tackle.

​The Sun Joe is CSA approved. It comes with a full 2-year warranty to ensure that your investment is protected from manufacturer defect. To further ensure that it is a long-lasting machine, it makes use of the TSS (total stop system), which means that it will automatically shut off if you stop squeezing the trigger. This will protect the pump and extend its lifespan.

​This pressure washer has enough power to take on any job that you need for it to do. It can clean homes, RVs, vehicles, driveways, decks, and much more. All you have to do is set it up using minimal effort to assemble it the first time, attach your standard garden hose to the connector, and start cleaning. Dirt will immediately be flushed away by it.

​It also comes with a 20ft high-pressure water hose and a 35ft power cord to give you the maximum amount of reach, especially when you consider the 34-inch extension wand which is also included. This proves that you can have enough reach to wash even the second story of your home with this pressure washing machine.

​This machine is also very portable at only 31 pounds and since it has wheels; you will never have to worry about straining yourself to move it. It measures in at 15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9 inches.

  ​Buyer’s Feedback Regarding the Pressure Joe

​When it comes to people who love this machine, you will not find any shortage. It is a best seller and after more than 3,100 reviews; still manages to hold an impressive 4.3-star rating. It is ideal for anyone that wants to make quick work of a cleaning task. They say that it has the power to clean mold or mildew off their homes and patios, that it works to clean a variety of surface areas, and that it will be gentle enough to not damage your home’s siding. There are people who allow their children to try it out and say it is easy enough for them to use. However, there are also some who warn that it can be dangerous, as are all pressure washers if you put skin in front of them, so you need to make sure to supervise if you are unsure of how your kids will use it. There are also owners who say that it is the best electric pressure washer that they have ever attempted to use. They say that it has more power than they would expect from an electric machine.

​There are some buyers who feel that it is not a good choice in pressure washers. This is mostly because of a well-known issue with the machine, which involves the connector between your garden hose and the machine. From the manufacturer, it has a plastic connector that can sometimes not fit properly after a few times of using it. If you have your product registered and contact customer care, they will immediately send you a brass replacement with no cost to you. There are those who also feel that it does not have enough pressure and others who say some parts stopped working, but most of it was within the warranty period so they were able to fix it without cost.

  ​Our Opinion of the Pressure Joe by Sun Joe

​As far as we can tell, this pressure washer is everything you could want. We like that it gives you the tips that you need without you having to purchase extra things for it. We like the overall reach of the hose, cords, and wand. We feel that the PSI on this machine is enough to handle most all cleaning tasks that you may have, but that it is not so powerful that you have to worry about damaging the areas you hope to clean. This washer has two separate tanks, which is also a bonus for people who want to take on multiple cleaning projects without having to stop frequently to refill or change out the detergent. We are not really happy that there are potential issues with the connector, but feel that it is only a minor issue for the overall performance of it. Our recommendation would be; if you choose to purchase this machine, fill out your registration, and call support about the connector to get a new one coming. If you do that, we feel you will be more than happy with your investment and all it will take is a little time to get your property looking brand new.


  • Lengthy Reach from Cord, Hose, and Wand
  • Ample Power for All Cleaning Projects
  • Impressive Warranty
  • Easy Customer Support
  • Comes with Tips, Dual Tanks, and MoreEasy Enough for Kids and Elderly to Use
  • Very Little Assembly Upon Arrival
  • Electric Powered Simplicity


  • Faulty Connector Possible, but Fixable
  • Not Powerful Enough for Some People
  • Risk of Injury If Not Used Properly